About harmonize coaching

What is Harmonize Coaching?

The vision of Harmonize Coaching is that all people live their best lives.

Our mission at Harmonize Coaching is to provide services to help individuals create and live the best lives they can imagine, harmonizing work, home and life.   Harmonize Coaching makes a positive impact on people’s lives EVERYDAY.

We serve people and organizations who are open to exploration,  goal setting, making meaningful changes and are committed to creating their best life possible.  We provide productitiy coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and other coaching specialties.

While we serve everyone, we do specialize in serving people who have experienced adversisties.   Adversity is anything from an illness, an injury, loss of a loved one or even being stuck in life or a job. 

You have the ability to shape the life you want.  You have the ability to make the changes you want.  You have wisdom and insights on your life.  You are the expert on you. 

We are here to help you unlock your potential, set your goals and walk with you on your journey. 

  • This is a partnership and a safe place of exploration.  You can explore all of the possibilities in your life without being judged.  You decide your direction and we will partner with you to achieve your goals.
  • This coaching partnership is built on the power of you.  You are the resource to maximize your life.  We will assist you in uncovering your goals and helping you determine how to attain them. 
  • This is a way to make sustainable changes to benefit you in the long term.  We will support you in these changes.

Coaching is…

  • directed by your agenda
  • partnering and honoring your process, values and beliefs
  • sourcing the answers from you
  • accepting what is in the moment and inventing a future from that place
  • meeting you where you are and understanding your reality
  • discovering and learning to trust the expertise that lies within you

Coaching is not…

  • directed by the coach’s agenda
  • leading, directing or manipulating
  • telling you what to do or giving directive advice
  • therapy, healing or fixing the past
  • judgmental, it does not determine right and wrong
  • consulting or training


The Harmonize business philosophy is simple; Deliver positive results with integrity by doing the the right thing even when no one is watching,  be positive and kind with everyone, be honest and NEVER sacrifice your values.

The Values of Harmonize are as follows:

1)     Harmony: Recognize the need to live a balanced, healthy life and then do it!

2)     Integrity: Do what you say, keep promises; do the right thing, even if no one is watching.

3)     Relationships:  Building and maintaining positive relationships with internal and external partners as well as clients is important because We can do more together than we can alone.

4)     Results: We deliver positive results to every client we serve. 

5)     Equality: All people are equally important, no matter their station in life.  Treating everyone equally with kindness and respect will create and maintain strong relationships.

6)     Continuous Improvement: We will serve our work, each other, clients and partners with excellent service and will continually find ways to improve.  Staying stagnant is not an option.

7)     Celebration: It is important to celebrate the successes and contributions of individuals, teams and community.

8)     We give back to the community.  Harmonize has a passion to be an upstander; getting involved to elevate society vs. a bystander; watching society’s issues and not helping.