Client testimonials


"I worked with Trish Perry during a difficult emotional time in my life.  Throughout the coaching experience, Trish was kind, compassionate, empathetic, polished, and creative. She helped me to move through this period so that I could find joy in my personal and family life again. I now recognize all the power I have within me to create the life I desire. Trish is a great listener and is highly intuitive. I always felt safe to share my thoughts with her. My coaching sessions with Trish resulted in me gaining new ideas for personal fulfillment and I have many more effective tools to help me create positive change in my life. I highly recommend Trish and Harmonize Coaching!"

Beth- Twin Cities Coaching Client


" I can't believe how far I have come in such a short time with Trish.  She knows how to bring out the best in me and I am so happy I found her.  Honestly, I wasn't sure I could afford this, but I wouldn't hesitate to spend this amount again to get the results I achieved with Trish!"

Melanie- A nonprofit director


"Before Coaching I felt stuck.  I felt angry.  I only found pleasure in my teaching, but not much else.  After Coaching I see all the power I have in my life to make changes and choices, even very small ones.  I feel more love for my children.  I am not as angry.  I am taking my Nia practices into my life to bring more peace and happiness."

Giles- A Dance Teacher, Minneapolis, MN


"Life coaching with Trish Perry resulted in more than I had expected. She helped me move beyond the constant anger of what happened to me, the sadness of losing friends that either didn't get it, or couldn't handle how much the brain injury changed me, and the frustration and  fear of my new brain, but mostly with the loss of my sense of self."

Rae- A Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor


" I met Trish during a critical time following the death of my mother. With her guidance, I found focus and engagement in work and home. Together, I found solutions and acceptance. Writing my purpose statement brought great clarity to where and how I see myself in the future. I appreciated our regular check-ins and the accountability Trish provided.                                                                                                                                                                    Before coaching with Trish I survived. After coaching with Trish I am thriving. I can clearly communicate what I believe, I can articulate my purpose and I feel clearly aligned.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Trish and am confident you will too."

Desire Washington -Leadership Development Manager at Betty Ford Center  

Trish has a compassionate approach to teaching people how to use their personal power to achieve their goals.Dawne

Dawne Carlson, Exec Director Human Resources, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"Work - home - life balance is never easy. Trish Perry of Harmonize has/is helping me rewire some of my thought processes. She has helped me identify my brand characteristics, my core values, and show me how applicable these characteristics are to every decision and action I make/do throughout each day. It has been a transformative experience. As a small business owner, this has been invaluable. Getting out of my own way. Being ever-present. Being confident. Great stuff underway and more to come. HIGHLY recommend."

Stuart Herrick, Architectural Photographer at SMHerrick Photography

"My wife Jennifer and I have been fortunate enough to be coached and mentored by some of the best...
Jennifer and I were introduced to Trish and the Harmonize team about 8 months ago
Grateful honored and thankful to be working with Trish and the Harmonize team!!
The personalized mentorship and group coaching is outstanding!!"
Nathan France, Chief Giving Officer RPGCOFFEE.COM Board of Directors T & J Construction OsteoStrong Sports Performance Specialist 

"When I became a client of Trish's a year ago, I was facing huge obstacles that stood in the way of me and the life I wanted to be living. Thanks to her adept coaching and commitment to me achieving the results I was out to achieve, I am in a very different place a more balanced, fulfilling and purposeful life. Thank you, Trish!!"

Brian Mogren, Executive Director, Alafia Foundation

"Before coaching with Trish I was operating from fear, I had lost self-confidence,   I was overwhelmed, tentative and afraid of losing my job because I was behind in my work.  My supervisors communicated this through a disciplinary process.  I struggled with anxiety and health issues which had me functioning below my best self.  After coaching with Trish I have reduced my anxiety.  She has given me skills and tools to manage my stress, name the things that were holding me back and manage my work flow in positive and efficient ways.  My self-confidence has returned.  My supervisors are pleased and have noted marked improvement.  I am deeply thankful for Trish’s presence in my life.  She brings years of expertise and knowledge and a positive coaching methodology and presence.  She is a gift at just the right time in my life."   

JP Employee, University of Minnesota