I took this oath in August 2017 upon graduating from the mastery program at Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching

The Coaches Oath


In the tradition of the Master Coaches who have gone before me and who have dedicated their lives to the art of coaching I make the following pledge:


I promise to extend honor and respect to all clients that I work with knowing that they have the answers inside of themselves.


I promise to champion my client's greatness and be a stand for manifesting their purpose of why they are here on this earth.


I promise to listen for my client's high dreams, values and extraordinary wishes and give them space to grow and unfold in the world.


I promise to represent my profession at the highest level of integrity in all interactions.


I dedicate my coaching specialty to be a powerful force for positive change in people's lives.


I acknowledge the importance of learning.  I will continue to seek the knowledge and inspiration of my colleagues, friends, clients and educational providers.


I will strive to enhance and provide the highest level of coaching standards that are ethical, moral and equitable.  I expect the same standards of my colleagues and will not tolerate unethical behavior.


The coaching profession is a highly regarded one.  I will not discredit it in any way and will not violate the trust and privileges that this master certification extends to me.


In the presence of my teachers, coaches, friends and family, I make these promises humbly and freely.  With this oath I willingly assume the credentials, rewards and responsibilities of a Master Life Coach Practitioner.


Administered to Mastery Graduating Classes

Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching


Written by Ruth M. Godfrey & Jennie M. Antolak




The Coaches Oath