Services: Organizational Coaching


Harmonize Coaching provides both Traumatic Stress Incident or TSI Coaching and Organizational Coaching.

1) Traumatic Stress Incident or TSI Coaching

Harmonize Coaching provides a unique specialized coaching called Traumatic Stress Incident or TSI Coaching to reintegrate employees into the workplace who have experienced the trauma, coach their supervisors who manage them and train their team who work with them on a daily basis. This proprietary 3 touch point process increases engagement and decreases workplace stress.

WhyTSI coaching and why Harmonize Coaching?

Through firsthand experience, extensive research and my coaching expertise I can provide your organization with a sound process that supports employees who suffer from Traumatic Stress Incidents or TSIs.  TSIs (traumatic stress incidents) are anything from major illnesses such as cancer to the loss of a loved one, a divorce, abuse or even becoming the care giver for an aging parent.

A TSI can impede a person'€™s ability to work.  It impacts health, family, performance and even peers.  TSIs can negatively affect the workplace.  Have you experienced this in you organization?

The goals of this coaching program are

  • to lower both workplace stress.  Workplace stress costs US companies over $200 billion a year.
  • to increase employee engagement for employees that have experienced a TSI and  their coworkers.  Disengaged workers cost US companies over $370 billion a year.
  • to increase resiliency of the employee as well as productivity.

Indeed it would be a privilege to meet with you.  I would love to hear about what you are noticing regarding workplace stress specific to your organization and provide a process that can align that will address your specific organizational needs.  Please contact us to start the process.  

Source: Gallup Poll

2) Organizational Coaching

Harmonize Coaching also provides the following types of organizational coaching:

  • Career Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Change Management Coaching
  • Work/Life Balance Coaching
  • Organizational Change Coaching

Please contact us for details on any of these coaching practices.  We would love to work with you to understand and achieve your goals.

Harmonize Coaching was founded by Trish Perry who has been an executive with 2 Fortune 500 companies, a large public company, as well as midsize and small private companies.  Trish experienced TSIs within several of these companies and realized the lack of resources available to reintegrate back into the workplace.  She is passionate about providing services to individuals who have experienced TSIs so they can create and live the best life they can imagine harmonizing one or all aspects of home, work and life.  Harmonize Coaching makes a positive impact on people'€™s lives EVERY DAY.

What are the rates for Harmonize Coaching?

Rates are specific to what is needed in an organization.  Please contact us to discuss your goals and needs and we can determine the rates.



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