• Reach out—people really do care.
  • Reconnect with family, spiritual, and community supports.
  • Consider keeping a journal.
  • Do not make any big life decisions if possible.
  • Make as many daily decisions as possible to give yourself a feeling of control over your life.
  • Spend time with others or alone doing the things you enjoy to refresh and recharge yourself.
  • Remember that "getting back to normal" takes time.  Greif and loss has no time line.  Gradually work back into your routine.
  • Be aware that recovery is not a straight path but can be a matter of two steps forward and one back. You will make progress.
  • Appreciate a sense of humor in yourself and others. It is okay to laugh again; this is a time for patience, understanding, and communication.
  • Avoid use/overuse of drugs/alcohol. Don’t complicate your situation with a substance abuse problem.
  • Get plenty of rest and normal exercise. Eat well-balanced, regular meals.
  • People may not say anything and may seem to ignore the situation.  It is not that they don’t care about you; they don’t know what to say.
  • Some people will make insensitive comments thinking they are being helpful.  Again, they do not know what to say. 



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