What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership relationship where the coach continually works with the client to raise the awareness of how they are responding to the world around them, how they want to achieve their goals and how they can live their life's purpose.  Coaches believe each person is resourceful and has the capacity to solve their own issues.  Because of this belief, clients are the sole decider of what to focus on each session.  The coach assists in uncovering effective methods for achieving goals without providing advice or telling the clients what they should do.  This approach allows clients to choose how and when to take steps that will move them towards what they desire.  The coach also challenges the client to go achieve more than they thought possible.  This process is intended to be creative, inspiring, empowering, equipping clients with the ability to make long-term changes that will benefit them throughout their lives.  This is the how sustainability is built. 

What makes a great coach?

Written by Trish Perry                                        

  • A great coach loves coaching and is passionate about the practice of having clients experience results that exceed expectations.
  • A great coach focuses on the client and strives to help the client live their best life possible, helping them to excavate their true potential.  S/he partners with their clients and encourages them along their journey to find and live their best life.
  • A great coach is fully present to the client and to themselves. S/he takes time to sanction presence prior to the client's arrival.  S/he cultivates a sense of being present with the client through arriving rituals, focusing on what the client is and is not saying, asking powerful questions, using models, competencies and tools that will help uncover possibilities and walking with the client on their path to their vision.  S/he is fully attentive, engaged and committed to the client during their session and relationship.
  • A great coach creates and practices trust.  S/he trusts herself and the process, trusts that the client is the expert on themselves.  S/he trusts the universe to lead and bring what is needed when it is needed.  S/he listens and watches carefully for the spoken and unspoken, never taking the client deeper than they are willing to go and challenging them when they are ready.  S/he meets their client where they are, never judging, only accepting.
  • A great coach holds confidentiality as a sacred responsibility.
  • A great coach represents their skills/expertise/training accurately.  S/he will recommend resources when s/he does not have the skills/expertise/training to help.
  • A great coach participates in their own coaching, consistently challenging themselves and learning.  S/he has a responsibility to practice what s/he preaches!
  • A great coach holds and practices strong ethics.  S/he defines what coaching is and is not making sure the client understands that it is not about directing, giving advice or therapy.  The client and coach enter into an agreement that clearly lays out expectations.  S/he holds that agreement as sacred, practicing ethics through honoring the agreement, following the Ethical Standards from ICF and embracing the Coaching Oath from Learning Journeys.
  • A great coach helps the client to create their vision and then focuses on and supports that vision whole heatedly throughout the process.
  • A great coach uses a proven process that supports the client and leads to the best possible results.  The Learning Journey's Coaching Process is extremely effective and is the one I choose to use.  The rituals and agenda create a root system for the client.
  • A great coach is genuinely curious.  S/he helps the client to dig under the surface to find hidden potential.  S/he asks questions and never presumes the answer.
  • A great coach is intuitive and encourages intuitiveness in their clients. We can listen to our head and ignore our heart.  The coach encourages both, especially the whisper, the heart.
  • A great coach is authentic.  Coaching from their authentic self, the coach will encourage the same from their clients.
  • A great coach is gratefulThe journey of finding and living ones best life is a personal journey and a coach should be awed and grateful that their client has invited them along!

What is coaching?