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Real, Raw, & Relatable

Corporate Badass Mom to Zen Mom

"Trish sets the standard for how to learn from life experiences." - Dave Wondra

"Hats off to you on this fabulous gift you are sharing with the rest of us." - Kris Norman

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Have you created YOUR success story?

Does this sound familiar?


You want to be successful and happy at home and at work, but you can’t win at either!


You're working hard and feel like you are doing the right things and still not getting any credit or a promotion.


As an emerging leader you want to make a positive impact, but the way you’ve managed in the past isn’t working.


You are an organization who wants to retain top talent, but they keep leaving.

All of us want to be successful and happy.

But the current path you are on right now is not leading you to the success or happiness you deserve.

You can change that. You can write YOUR Success Story to achieve the success and happiness you want.

That is what Harmonize Coaching does. We help you to create YOUR Success Story and create Your Path to success and happiness.

"Working with Trish was so much more than I expected, and each week the growth was exponential. It was exactly what I needed and I'm excited about the progress I've made!"

Jennifer Deane

Departmental Chair, University of Minnesota, Morris

Meet Trish

A core tenet of my coaching is "You are not your adversity."

After decades in the corporate world, I began my coaching journey to help professionals create the success and happiness they deserve.

Whether coaching professionals who have been thrown off course by a hardship, or organizations wanting more engagement and productivity with their employees, there is an adversity to work through.

My goal is to help people achieve their goals, increase engagement, productivity, self-confidence and JOY. EVERYDAY!

I want to learn more and schedule my complimentary 30-minute Success Story session with Trish. During this complimentary 30-minute call, we will chat about

  • The problems getting in the way of your success
  • How they impact your work and home life
  • A plan to address these problems to be successful

How You Can Work With Trish

Individual Coaching

You want success AND joy, is that really too much to ask? NO, it is not. I will help you to find the success and joy you deserve.

“Before coaching with Trish I was surviving. After coaching with Trish, I am THRIVING!"

-- Desire Hoyt, Director Inclusion, Equity and People Development, Kindred Healthcare

Organizational Coaching

We help organizations retain their top talent through developing leaders that create engaged, productive teams so their best team members stay in the organization.

“Trish has a compassionate and powerful approach to coaching people how to use their personal power to achieve their goals”

-- Dawn Carlson, VP HR, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


I engage audiences from the start with stories that capture their attention and create curiosity. I create connections to make ideas and learning more relatable and memorable through my story telling. My presentations are effective, efficient and fun!

“Learning which stems from a well-told story is remembered more accurately, and for far longer, than learnings derived from facts and figures”

-- Peg Neuhauser, Organizational Psychologist

The Power Path Goal Success Workshop

How has your year been? Do you want to create more success and joy next year? Join me for Power Path Success 2022. You’ll learn a new way to close out the year, create a success story set goal, plans and be more successful than ever. You’ll also have partners to share wins, issues and ideas with – all year. It’s unlike any workshop you’ve ever experienced!

“This workshop brought focus to what I am committed to and put actions into bite-sized chunks. It's the sort of thing that I’d resist doing on my own and by taking the workshop, I was able to clarify my goals, define the actions, and have partners that empower me to reach greater heights than if I was on my own!”

-- Sarah Kowal, Business Strategist

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Client Success Stories

“I met Trish during a critical time following the death of my mother. With her guidance, I found focus and engagement in work and home. Together, I found solutions and acceptance. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Trish and am confident you will too.”

Desire Washington

HR Leader

Hazelden Betty Ford

“Coaching with Trish Perry has changed my life. Trish’s coaching system and processes provided direction and a platform to become more productive and efficient. I have had many coaches over my lifetime and I can tell you that Trish is one of the very best. She combines business savvy and spiritual gifts for life changing outcomes. Coaching was an investment in myself and the ROI from Trish was outstanding.”

Bruce Grabow

CEO/Growth and Turnaround Specialist

“Trish is extraordinarily insightful. She knows how to ask you the questions that make you think and then start to see how you can change and grow. I've never seen anything like it. In the time I've been working with her, my business, personal, and family life have truly transformed for the better in a way I could not have imagined a year ago.”

Michael Helmke

Marketing Consultant

Michael Helmke Consulting, LLC