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Real, Raw, & Relatable

Corporate Badass Mom to Zen Mom

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A highly personal and vulnerable book written from the heart of a Corporate Badass Mom turned 'Zen Mom'.

I wrote this book with you in mind. In my 20s-40s, I was what my son called a Corporate Badass Mom.
But, not in a good way! I was controlling, perfectionistic, and full of fear. I was a walking imposter syndrome and was trying to hide that from everyone.

On the surface, I had my life together. I was married to a wonderful man and we had three beautiful children, I was a leader at Target, I won every award possible at work, and I was climbing the corporate ladder. I had it all, but only on the surface. Underneath the surface, I was miserable. 

I got laid off from Target after 20 years. That was the beginning of my journey from a Corporate Badass Mom to a 'Zen Mom', as my son called me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my work was less than supportive when I returned to my job, my dad had emergency brain surgery at 91, and we had to put my dog down; my life had turned into a country song!

But wait, there is more. Six months after my first surgery and five days before my second surgery, my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma. I quit my job, had my surgery, and went to be with her. She died eight short weeks after the first phone call. To say my life was rocked to the core is an understatement. I had all of this adversity in a nine-month period. My life HAD to change!

Real, Raw, & Relatable contains 52 stories about my life’s journey from Corporate Badass Mom to 'Zen Mom.' After each story, I have included questions and activities meant to explore your own life and the changes you may want to make.

I share my stories so you can reflect on your own life experiences. Included with the purchase of the book is a free downloadable journal so you can reflect, write and decide your path as you finish each story.

“Through reflections that are deeply personal, Trish sets the standard for how to learn from life experiences. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your own stories, and more importantly; clarity about your choices for the future."

Dave Wondra, President, Wondra Group, LLC

Thank you for the insights you shared that embraced vulnerability, suggestions for improvement, and change. The quotes throughout the book were thought-provoking and genius. Weaving your personal raw and real stories gave me permission to name mine. Thank you for providing the opportunity to consider my vulnerability.”

David Maghakian, MSW, Ordained Minister/Wedding Officiant, Child Protection Social Worker

"Real, Raw, & Relatable is a powerful testament to perseverance, positivity and the power of self-love. Loving yourself enough to be vulnerable, to recognize our inner (and external) critics and to be willing change our perspectives and learn from what life throws our way. Hats off to you on this fabulous gift you are sharing with the rest of us."

Kris Norman, Ph.D., Professor Hamline University

Are you ready to join me on my journey and reflect on your own experiences?

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