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Real, Raw & Relatable is a series of 52 personal stories of my journey transitioning from, as my son called me, “A Corporate Badass Mom to a Zen Mom.”

These stories were originally newsletters that I wrote to my readers to normalize those things we feel but hide like imposter syndrome, feeling like a failure, grief, self-doubt, etc. And it also celebrates those things we all want to experience like change, happiness, success, balance, and joy.

I combined 52 of these stories and I wrote this book as if you and I were having a conversation in my living room.

This journal is your safe place to reflect and record your thoughts, takeaways, and aha’s as you read through my book. I invite you to be open and honest as you journal.

My hope is that reading this book and journaling about your journey will help you create your own Power Path to success, balance, and joy.

Peace and Joy,


I hope you experience abundant joy in your life. Everyone is deserving of joy. Everyone!