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Individual Coaching

Trish helps professionals who have been thrown off course by an unexpected hardship, such as the loss of a loved one, a medical diagnosis, a major career change or even a dysfunctional workplace to find their inner power and direction again.  

Through her own adversities and hardships, Trish has created efficient and effective tools to help you find the inner power that you need to find your direction and success again.  

The method she has created is called The Power Path Process.  The cool thing about this process is that it is all about YOU and your POWER!

You have the ability to shape the life you want.  You have the ability to make the changes you want.  You have wisdom and insights on your life.  You are the expert on you.

And Trish walks with you to find this power and make the changes that YOU deserve!

"I worked with Trish Perry during a difficult emotional time in my life… I now recognize all the power I have within me to create the life I desire… My coaching sessions with Trish resulted in me gaining new ideas for personal fulfillment and I have many more effective tools to help me create positive change in my life. I highly recommend Trish and Harmonize Coaching!"

Giles Nia

Dance Instructor, Minneapolis, MN

Organizational Coaching

Did you know:

  • Voluntary turnover is costing US companies $1 trillion a year
  • Disengaged workers cost US companies over $370 billion a year
  • Workplace stress costs US companies over $200 billion a year

* Resource: Gallup Research

Organizations can stem those losses through coaching with Harmonize Coaching.

Trish Perry specializes in helping organizations retain their top talent through developing leaders who create engaged and productive teams, which decreases stress and creates more satisfied employees that want to stay with your company?

If you never focus on the root problem of having ‘bosses’ vs. ‘leaders’, you will continue to lose your top talent and bleed money that could have been added to your profit.  

Trish is also certified in team coaching and can help your teams work more effectively and efficiently together creating more productivity and profit.

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Trish is a dynamic speaker who is warm, honest and direct.  She will engage your audience through stories, ideas and information that leave them determined to take action when they leave.  

Trish was a corporate leader for over 20 years and uses her experiences and learnings to speak about subjects that are important to people.  She uses neuroscience in explaining why we do what we do, but in a way that is easily understood.  She talks about practical solutions to everyday issues.    

Trish is an expert on talking openly about leadership, how to retain top talent and adversities that cause lowered productivity and disengagement.  She is known for her strategic, actionable content that is wrapped in stories that your audience will engage with and remember.  

Trish’s most requested talks are:

  • Retaining Your Top Talent with Compassion, Clarity and “CANDY”
  • Working Productively When Life Keeps Getting in the Way
  • Fearlessly Failing for Success
  • How to Stop Being a Boss and Start Being a Leader!
  • Sweet Success.  How to Write Your Success Story for Results

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Power Path Goal Success Workshop

You want to set goals to be successful and happy, but it never quite works out that way?

You’re not alone! Did you know that only 8-15% of all people achieve their goals in a year?  

How many workshops have you attended only to forget what you’ve learned a week later?  The Power Path to Goals and Success promises to change that paradigm.  

We use a 9-step process that will let you close out the previous year, create a success story for the upcoming year, commit to goals, create plans, communicate your intentions with accountability partners and so much more!

Folks who have attended this workshop have raved about the results.

Wow, this workshop is unlike anything I’ve done.  With Trish’s help, I created my success story, set my goals and got my dream job.  I’m doing this every year!

Jennifer Comeau

(Target Corporation)

Trish is amazing! Her commitment to time (we started and ended on time) is admirable, the process that she has us work through was unexpected and perfect, and the icing on the cake is having a small support group to help me accomplish all I have set out to do. This workshop information will stay with me throughout the year because the process includes connecting regularly with accountability partners.

Chris Schwebel

(Tsoulnami Coaching)