Why Harmonize Coaching?  Results...  we are passionate about achieving results!

Why is Harmonize Coaching different?  

Our method is called "sustainable" coaching.  You cultivate the knowledge, the skills and the tools to create and continue the best life you can imagine!

Are you ready to harmonize your work, home and life?  

If you want it, we are ready to help you attain it.  We serve all people and organizations who are open to exploration, experimentation, goal setting, making meaningful changes and are committed to realizing the best results possible.  Contact us to get started!  



“Trish has a compassionate approach to teaching people how to use their personal power to achieve their goals.” Dawne Carlson, Exec Director Human Resources, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"My coaching sessions with Trish resulted in me gaining new ideas for personal fulfillment and I have many more effective tools to help me create positive change in my life. I highly recommend Trish and Harmonize Coaching!" A Twin Cities Manager 

"Life Coaching with Trish Perry resulted in much more than I had expected.  She helped me to see "my new brain" as a starting point and not an end."  A Traumatic Brain Injury survivor

  Certified Master Life Coach & ICF Member