In 1989 Cher mused, “If I could turn back time”.

My answer is an emphatic no.

My Senior Picture at age 17

I’d never go back to my teen years; too much angst and peer pressure.

I wouldn’t go back to my 20’s; too much competition with myself on who I would become.

I wouldn’t go back to my 30’s; this is when my mom died and when I became a hyper-hyper-achiever.

I wouldn’t go back to my 40’s; some good things happened and I reached an emotional crisis, got laid off, got cancer and my sister died.

I love my 50’s!  I am doing what I was called to do; helping people to find their inner power and direction.  Did I tell you that I love my 50’s?

Last week, a client texted me that she got her dream job.  Last month a client wrote me an email that her entire life had changed for the better and she was finally happy.  6 months ago, a CEO client went from not wanting to get out of bed every day to finding his inner spark and power.  He is living a joy-filled and productive life, looking forward to each day.

Those stories fulfill my purpose!  My clients, my family, my friends and my connections fulfill my purpose.

And, I didn’t find my purpose until my 50’s.

Honestly, no one had ever posed the question of my purpose to me.  I thought only people like Gandhi, Mother Theresa and maybe Oprah had a true purpose.

Today I know that is not true.

If anyone had asked me in my 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s, I would have given an answer that focused on my career in the corporate world, then my family and then helping others.

Today, in my 50’s, I am crystal clear on my purpose; to be a transformist helping people find their true potential and power, passing their energy onto others creating a magnification of positivity in the world.

So, I am grateful for my teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s because they lead me to my clarity of purpose.

Do I wish I could change some things in my life, that I could have a do over?

Initially I’d say yes, but I really have to say no.  Every mistake, every adversity, every failure, has taught me something that has made my life richer and for that I say “no, I don’t want a do over. I don’t want to turn back time.”

How about you?  Would you turn back time if you could?  Are there mistakes or failures you wish you could change? What have those failures taught you? I’d love to hear your story.

Wishing us all a failure that leads us to success!

“Failure is success in progress” -Albert Einstein

About the Author Trish Perry

A core tenet of my coaching is "You are not your adversity."

After decades in the corporate world, I began my coaching journey to help professionals create the success and happiness they deserve.

Whether coaching professionals who have been thrown off course by a hardship, or organizations wanting more engagement and productivity with their employees, there is an adversity to work through.

My goal is to help people achieve their goals, increase engagement, productivity, self-confidence and JOY. EVERYDAY!

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