I withdrew from all of my art classes dropping art as a minor. I was a failure as an artist.

Wednesday I handed in the final art project of my freshman year at Purdue. I stayed up all night completing it. I had “half-assed” it because it didn’t take weeks to complete.

As an artist, sometimes you are just in the zone and can create amazing art in a day. But the perfectionist in me had created unrealistic “rules” around art. My “rule” was that any great art had to take at least a week to complete.

My professor had a different reaction. “Trish, this is amazing! Can I include it in an art show this weekend? The show is for upperclassmen, but this is upperclassmen-caliber work. I love it!”

“Sure, I guess,” was my response. In my mind, I thought, “Lady, I did this in a night, it sucks!”

My professor called me on Monday with what she thought was wonderful news, “Trish, I am so excited, you won second place in the art show!”

Second place as a freshman in a show featuring juniors and seniors? Not too shabby, right? Wrong! My frame was that second place wasn’t first place and what was the obvious conclusion in my narrative? I sucked as an artist.

I framed this situation as a failure and quit doing art-for over 30 years!

Robin Keck, a wonderful friend, is a master framer. The woman takes art and frames it to highlight its beauty.

Three vessels is a piece I bought by the Gullah artist, Johnathan Green. This came with a plain black frame that distracted from vs. highlighting the art.

Robin reframed it. She highlighted its beauty by adding a small red interior matte that brought out the colors in the painting. This reframing does not reinterpret or mask the art. Instead, it highlights it.

I had framed second place in an upperclassmen art show as a failure because the story I made up in my head was that I did not spend a week on the art, therefore it was a failure. Really?

With the perspective of age and lots of therapy (😊), I now realize that my narrative, not my art created the failure. I have now reframed the failure and realize second place for what it is, an honor, not a failure!

That failure narrative caused me to miss out on the joy of art for 30+ years of my life.

I took a great honor and turned it into a great failure missing out on the joy of art for years.

Have you let a narrative/story create a failure for you?

Join me on March 1st (the date has moved out a week), to talk about how to reframe failure for success.

I have created 2 times for the webinar on Wednesday 3/1/23 at 11:00 AM OR 6:00 PM..

You can register here or reply to this email to sign up. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/from-failure-to-success-tickets-546062005157

About the Author Trish Perry

A core tenet of my coaching is "You are not your adversity."

After decades in the corporate world, I began my coaching journey to help professionals create the success and happiness they deserve.

Whether coaching professionals who have been thrown off course by a hardship, or organizations wanting more engagement and productivity with their employees, there is an adversity to work through.

My goal is to help people achieve their goals, increase engagement, productivity, self-confidence and JOY. EVERYDAY!

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